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Where can I get the certificate key?

Please email us your unique certificate key inside Minos Album program after you make the payment, thus we can deliver you the unique register name and key of the Minos series products.

Below is the certificate key's screenshot:





I got the message: "Runtime Error 429P, ActiveX component cannot create object". What do I do?
Please download and reinstall the Minos album program again.

Why I can click on the hidden thumbnail links even I turned off the thumbnail in single animation album mode. Also, when I click on Thumbnail, nothing happens until I click Play, this is wild?and feels like a bug.
We keep the page link, so even you turn off the thumbnail. Thumbnail clicking will flip Minos album to the front cover, it is not a bug.


How do I edit the web pages for the minos album?

  • A web page which will be an album's page can allow only one table. The only one table can have unlimited cells. The best table's in a single page's width and height is 310x410, and in the cross page is 660x410. All text and images must be placed in a table or table's cells.
  • Support for all common HTML tags and attributes, except to <hr>,<br>.
  • Only one image/SWF/movie clip or can be loaded in a cell, a cell can have only text or only one image.
  • The HTML source file must be properly formatted (the tags and attributes need to be closed and lowercase) and the cell row and column spans need to be valid for the table to render correctly. It would show nothing in the album's page when you don't have the right html code.
  • The image can not use the "align" attribute, you should use the "hspace" and "vspace" <img> tag attributes, <td><img src="images/myimage.swf" height="50" width="50" hspace="5" vspace="5"><td>, because the "align" attribute works only if the cell content is text only.
  • CSS support is limited to be sourced by a file. Please download the sample file at http://www.photoet.com/webalbumDemo.zip , extract it and make a web album by this sample files. Please don't insert CSS code between the <head></head>, just insert this line - <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="images/style.css" /> and put your style.css file in the images folder which is your web pages' source folder.
  • You can also go to http://www.photoet.com/webalbums/wwwManual/ and learn how to make cross page web pages in the minos web album.

Can the output of execution file work in any computer?

So far, it is supported in Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

What is the file size of execution file in 30 pages?

It is depends on how many pictures contained. We usually estimate the maximum size is 1500 k and the minimum size is 900k of output execution file within 30 images.

Does execution file need any extra program to work?

No. The standalone execution file can work by itself without any extra program.

What format of images can the Minos album accept?

It can read picture's format as following:
*.ico; *.cur; *.ani; *.bmp; *.gif; *.jpeg
*.jpg; *.jpe; *.pcd; *.pcx; *.dcx; *.png
*.ppm; *.pbm; *.pgm; *.tga; *.tif; *.tiff
*.wbmp; *.wbm; *.wmf; *.apm; *.emf; *.wpg
*.psd; *.img; *.gem; *.iff; *.ras; *.sgi
*.xbm; *.xpm; *.dxf; *.rlepict; *.pic;*.pct
*.psp; *.jng; *.mngclpcutfpx; *.jp2; *.jpc;*.j2k;
*.jpx; *.j2c"


What pixel size of the pictures is the best to fit inside?

The best fit size is Width x Height (Pixel) = 330x425, if you set bigger than this, users will need to use right click on pages and use "Zoom in" for better view.

Single animation album's best fit size is Width x Height (Pixel) = 350x450.

Is it safe to pay with credit card online?

Shareit.com automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).


Can you code it so a larger view is shown of the page you clicked?

Sure, it is default function of the Minos Album, just click the right button on the page then you will see how to enlarge the view.

Outlook keeps blocking the recipient from receiving .exe album, what should I do?

You can get around this in 2 ways, When you attach the email you will need to include a statement like this: 1.You can Zip the .exe, hence the automatic feature in Outlook 2002 will not stop the opening of the zip. 2.You can provide a link for download of the book.

Can this be used for presentation software?
Sure! It can be a simple presentation software. It is good to distribute via floppy disk or CD-ROMs and email, because of the album small file sizes.

What would I do if I format my computer and lost my registered key?
No problem, we will send you the register name and key again after we got your email included the certificate key.

Vista users can not build .exe file?
The Windows Vista users can build .exe file of the album by the system's administrator authority, when you launch the minos album program. You can also find that by right clicking on the minos album's desktop icon.


Does the album's bottom text "Minos soft." is still there after I bought and registered this program?

Yes, we tried to minimize it and we need to keep it to prove that we built this program,own the copyright and sue any piracy behavior. We anounced that in the program's manual, please considerate with it before you make the payment. You can also refund if you have paid with 30 days. 


Why does the Minos album not support these file format like *.txt,*.doc and *.rtf.

We made a free small program - Text Converter to help you for converting the Office Word, Notepad and WordPad's documents as web pages, so you can use the web pages as the Minos album's pages.

Please make sure that must have MS Office on your system, or you can not use the Text Converter well.