Minos Album Manual - Features

Features before Minos Album version  


  • Adding text on all pages of the album

  • Adding the adjustment of the turning pages speed.

  • Adding password for protecting .Exe album.

  • Starting album with optional status, opening with one page and opening with auto run pages.

  • The "Auto Run" functionality on the album can be continuing turning.

  • Adding a new style alpha page on the front cover. Please view the samples on our website.

  • Adding Cross page settings, allow selected images will be displayed in centerfold mode.

  • Adding Settings of the buttons and text on the album, allow some items be invisible on the album.

  • It can change the flipping sound, there are 20 optional flipping sound mp3 files or you can have more by yourself. 

  • Unlimited pages.
  • Support 44 picture formats for pages.
  • It can add flexible alpha pages inside the album.
  • It can add flash files, webpage and Notepad's .txt as pages.
  • Flexible page content size : Width(1~2048); Height(1~2048)
  • Change auto-run's stop way, it will stop at current page.
  • It can input number in text box of the album for going to target page.
  • Adding flip area option(1~300).
  •  Change background's color and support more picture formats as a background picture.
  • It can add flexible alpha pages inside the album.
  • Index editor: You can edit index for quick browse with your album.
  • Adding flipping forward or backward by enter key, like "right arrow key", "left arrow key", "Enter key" and "Backspace key", user can flip the album by keyboard. 
  • It can build only a .swf file as an album. A .swf file can contain all pictures without any other file. We make it for some blog websites which can be uploaded a single file only. The restriction is that only pictures can be the album's pages, not allow text , swf, htm and html files to be the album's pages.
  • It can test and play the album's background music or a flip sound file directly.
  • Support a table tag in a web page to be an album's page.
  • Fix some cross page bugs.
  • Fix web pages text bugs.
  • Adding index.swf file for cross page model.
  • Adding Arabian, Chinese-Simplified, Japanese, Korean and Russian interface languages.
  • It can drag and drop files to the main form's list box.
  • Change some controls between the main form and advance settings form.
  • Adding pdf picture's formats, it can read picture in the pdf file's first page.
  • Adding language editor form's features, it can be more easy to update new translated languages for new version.
  • Add 15 picture's effects.
  • It can add each picture's file name to each album's page.
  • Add font's character set options.
  • It can apply free web space and upload album files directly.
  • Change control panel's background color to be whitening.
  • Fix a bug for the single flash album's cross page effect.  
  • Remove the manual file and add hyperlink to a online manual web page.
  • Backup a defaultBK.txt file where users save a default setting file.
  • Adding flash bottom lines below some album's controls,like autorun,go to page and music.
  • Adding an open thumbnails feature at the Advanced setting form, users can set open album and show the thumbnails firstly.
  • Adding a check update version feature at main form's menu bar.
  • Adding a tell msn friends feature, let users can recommend a website to all msn contacts by a few clicks at http://www.photoet.com/teller/index.php
  • Fix a language editor bug, which build a curlans.txt file with English source
  • Adding repair setting file's user name feature. When setting file loaded in different user's  computer, it can not find current user's document and resulted in error.
  • Adding a tell msn friends feature on album's right top corner.
  • Remove pop up forms again. When an album file uploaded all,it will open the album's link then pop up the program's form's again.
  • Fix print feature,web album can print by the browser. Executable photo album can't print.
  • Adding picture's text color be optional.
  • Adding more color options for color setting, please do it by clicking on background color and back color text box.
  • Adding Index page editor's background color feature,users can change it by the advanced setting form's background color value,if the background picture isn't selected.
  • Alter the alpha page's postion from the first page to be the last page as the default setting.
  • Correct a bug, when remove a line in the Index page editor.
  • Visitors can be or can not be tear off photo album's pages,this feature is placed at general default setting form.
  • Adding page file's path changeable feature,this feature is placed at general default setting form.
  • The web pages' source folder will be automatic move to the default folder.
  • It can show or hide the album's center shadow.
  • General default setting - Replace page file's path, make this feature can also be used for photos album. The old version can only be used for the web pages album.
  • Auto change the animation's height if the screen's height is small or equal to 600 pixels.
  • Let web album can support IE8, which is the Internet Explore browser's new version.
  • Support Windows 7, adding new background picture.
  • Add a full album animation effect.
  • Set language files formate as utf-8.ures.
  • Add a full single animation album animation effect.
  •  Adding flipping forward or backward by enter key, like "right arrow key", "left arrow key", "Enter key","Home key" and "Space key", user can flip the single animation album by keyboard.  

Minos Album version new features :

  1. Right click to show all selected files or pictures by a notepad file.
  2. Adding a share and save button to the album's web page.

Support 45 picture's formats:

  1. *.ico; *.cur; *.ani; *.bmp; *.gif; *.jpeg;

  2. *.jpg; *.jpe; *.pcd; *.pcx; *.dcx; *.png;

  3. *.pdf;*.ppm; *.pbm; *.pgm; *.tga; *.tif;

  4. *.tiff*.wbmp; *.wbm; *.wmf; *.apm; *.emf;

  5.  *.wpg*.psd; *.img; *.gem; *.iff; *.ras; 

  6. *.sgi*.xbm; *.xpm; *.dxf; *.rlepict; *.pic;

  7. *.pct*.psp; *.jng; *.mngclpcutfpx; *.jp2; *.jpc;

  8. *.j2k;*.jpx; *.j2c"

Support html tags when you select web pages as your album's source:

  1. A web page which will be an album's page can allow only one table. The only one table can have unlimited cells. The best table's width and height is 310x410. All text and images must be placed in a table or table's cells.
  2. Support for all common HTML tags and attributes, except to <hr>.
  3. Only one image/SWF/movie clip or can be loaded in a cell, a cell can have only text or only one image.
  4. The HTML source file must be properly formatted (the tags and attributes need to be closed and lowercase) and the cell row and column spans need to be valid for the table to render correctly. It would show nothing in the album's page when you don't have the right html code.
  5. The image can not use the "align" attribute, you should use the "hspace" and "vspace" <img> tag attributes, <td><img src="http://www.photoet.com/uploads/albumManual1/myimage.swf" height="50" width="50" hspace="5" vspace="5"><td>, because the "align" attribute works only if the cell content is text only.
  6. CSS support is limited to be sourced by a file. Please download the sample file http://www.photoet.com/webalbumDemo.zip , extract it and make a web album by this sample files. Please don't insert CSS code between the <head></head>, just insert this line - <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.photoet.com/uploads/albumManual1/style.css" /> and put your style.css file in the images folder which is your web pages' source folder.

Tip: This album is based at Flash 8. The single animation album is based at Flash 6.





Operation systems: Windows 98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7
CPU: Pentium- 400 MHz or higher
64 MB RAM or more
30 MB free disk space

The users can do it two ways in the Vista system with installing problems.

  1. Have the user right click on the protected program, Select "Properties", click on the "Compatibility tab" then check "Run this program as an administrator".
  2. User can also run the "Compatibility Wizard". Make sure they check "Run this program as an administrator.