Minos Album Manual - Menu Bars

Menu Bar - File




Publish Step1,2 - Show Publish Step (1 or 2) form.


Apply a free web space - We offer a free web space for uploading your album files, you can apply by clicking here.


Index page editor - Show the form of Index page editor form.


Menu Bar - Setting


Single animation album : Show the form for building a single animation album.

General  : Show the General setting form.

Save as default : Save all current setting as the software's restart default setting.


Save all setting : Save all setting of the program.

Tips : You can test by click on Load settings after you just saved. 


Load setting : Load a setting file. It will auto loading the default setting when a default.txt file exists in the program's setting directory.

Tips : Some path of files has changed by old setting, it will be resulted to errors for the program can not finding your old file's path.


Language editor : Show the language editor's form.


Menu Bar of Advance setting


Cross page setting : Show the Cross page setting form.

Add text to all pictures : Show the add text frame of the advance setting form. 

It will minimized the add-text frame by clicking again.

Picture color effects : Show the Picture color effects form.

Set password : Show the form of the Set password if you need to lock the .exe album.


Index page editor - Show the form of Index page editor form, we set here again

 for convenient.