Minos Album Manual - Forms

Before you read below articles, please do the following things: 

  1. You can read all program's tool tip by mouse hovering on any buttons, text boxes and etc. That would be a more convenient way to know how to use this software.
  2. Windows Vista/7 users must run this program as an administrator or disable the Windows Vista/7 User Account Control (UAC). Otherwise, you can not build album files in the Windows Vista/7 platform.


 Index links: Main form - Advanced setting - Add text to all images - General default setting - Create folder for the album - Picture color effects - Index page editor - Cross page setting - Set password (Optional)Language editorPublish setting - Publish - Step 1 - Publish - Step 2  - Single animation file - Advanced setting

Main form

Buttons in Step 1 :

Select files... - Select files as the album pages. 

Tip: You can add a html file which support html tags when you select web pages as your album's source:

  1. A web page which will be an album's page can allow only one table. The only one table can have unlimited cells. The best table's width and height is 310x410. All text and images must be placed in a table or table's cells.
  2. Support for all common HTML tags and attributes, except to <hr>.
  3. Only one image/SWF/movie clip or can be loaded in a cell, a cell can have only text or only one image.
  4. The HTML source file must be properly formatted (the tags and attributes need to be closed and lowercase) and the cell row and column spans need to be valid for the table to render correctly. It would show nothing in the album's page when you don't have the right html code.
  5. The image can not use the "align" attribute, you should use the "hspace" and "vspace" <img> tag attributes, <td><img src="http://www.photoet.com/uploads/albumManual1/myimage.swf" height="50" width="50" hspace="5" vspace="5"><td>, because the "align" attribute works only if the cell content is text only.
  6. CSS support is limited to be sourced by a file. Please download the sample file http://www.photoet.com/webalbumDemo.zip , extract it and make a web album by this sample files. Please don't insert CSS code between the <head></head>, just insert this line - <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.photoet.com/uploads/albumManual1/style.css" /> and put your style.css file in the images folder which is your web pages' source folder.
  7. This album is based at Flash 8. The single animation album is based at Flash 6.


UP - Move up a item of your selected file of the below list box.

DOWN - Move down a item of your selected file of the below list box.

Tip: Select one file each time when you move up or down the file for arrange they show on the album. The first file will be the first page of the album.

Add alpha - This will add a alpha page file to the below file box. The alpha page file is a kind of effective page, please try it and you will see how does it looks like.

File selected counter text box - This box at the right side of the "Add alpha" button will tell you the amount of selected files.

Remove - Remove selected items from the list box.

Remove All - Remove all selected items from list box.

Buttons in Step 2 :


Create Album, Build web album - Click anyone of these two buttons will show the "Create folder for the album" form as below

Folder name -  Input text as the new folder's name, the album will save into this new folder. The standalone album file will saved as the same name with the new folder.

Folder location - This will be the above folder name's parent path. 

Tip : It detects your machine's My Documents location and create "My Album" folder if not exists. So, you album file will saved into this directory - "My DocumentMy AlbumMyWebAlbum". If you need to change this, please go to Top menu bar - Setting - General.

Ok -  Start building the album.

Cancel -  Exit this form.

Button in Step 3 :


Open - It only works when you just built the album. If album just built, message box will show", Click OK button will go to the Publish - Step 1 form for uploading, click Cancel button show explore album's directory.


You just built album at - You just built album files' location in your computer.


Exit - Close this program and all hidden forms, the right top "X" button could not work well when many hidden forms exist, so we make this button.


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Publish - Step 1


Current account -  Input your ftp relative information.

Add -  Add the above account profile into the below list box and automatically saved every time. it won't saved, when you use the main form's menu bar to save setting. They are not connective.  

Remove -  Remove selected list in the below list box.

Up -  Move up the selected list in the below list box.

Down -  Move down the selected list in the below list box.

Connect -  Login to the ftp service by the above current account information.

Close -  Exit this form.

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Publish setting

Port -  Input the port number for the FTP service.

Passive mode -  Set to true for FTP to operate in passive mode, otherwise set to false for non-passive (the default).

Show all server directory tree -  Show files and folders in the server.

Secure -  Use SSL for FTP connections, set this when connecting to port 990 on FTP servers that support SSL mode. 

Smart upload -  Upload newer or non-exist files.

Go to public_html -  Go to public_html directory automatically, when it exists in the remote host. We made this so you can skip the some remote host's root directory and directly go to the  public_html directory.

Ascii mode -  Set the FTP transfer mode to ascii.

Binary mode -  Set the FTP transfer mode to binary.

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Publish - Step 2


A. -  Remote server's current directory. It will record all directories which you went to.

B. -  Set as your default directory, directly connect to this directory when you connect to this remote server. Some ftp account won't connect to the web publish directory directly, you can set this to connect to the web publish directory. 

C. -  Create a new directory in the remote server.

D. -  Rename the selected folder in the left list.

E. -  Delete the selected folder in the left list box. Warning : It won't wok if the folder contains any files. 

F. -  Refresh the remote server, the left list box will read the remote server's directory again.

G. -  List box will show all files or folders in the remote host.

H. -  This will show your possible web address automatically, when you connected to the remote server or uploaded album files. It will open the link automatically after files uploaded successfully.

Tip: Double click this will go to the text's web address also.

I.  -  Set the left text as the default web address, if you don't need the program set automatically.

Tip: Some remote host offer the  ftp name server is different from your web address, the program might set wrong web address in automatically, so you can set this.

For example: We apply a free host and web address like http://minosalbum.bravehost.com/ at yourdomain.com then we got this account information:
ftp host: ftp11.yourdomain.com
Login account : minosalbum-124363436    Password: xxxxxxxx

The program will set your address as ftp11.yourdomain.com automatically, not the right address minosalbum.yourdomain.com, So, you might need input the right text minosalbum.yourdomain.com in the H. text box and check this as default web address. Save all setting in the main form, then you will get the right web address next time automatically. 

J.  -  Copy and paste the address when chatting with friends.

K. -  Send email with the web address, it will launch your computer's email program.

L. -  Record all relative ftp activities in this list box.

Back -  Back to the Publish - Step 1 form.

Upload -  This will upload the new folder with the album files, when you just built them, otherwise, it won't work.

Tips: When you just create a new folder with the album files, program will record that at the main for m's left bottom. Program will also create a new folder in the remote server's directory automatically after you connected. The folder's name will be the same with the folder which you just created for the album files.

Originally, you have to create a folder and select that in the list box for uploading those new album files. Now, the program will do that automatically. But, only if the folder does not exist in the remote host.

That is, when you set the right remote host's account information at the publish step 1. 

Please follow the steps : 1. Make album files.  2. Connect to remote host. 3. Upload. 


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Advance setting form


Page size -  Change the page size of the album and tips as below:

  1. The best fit size is Width x Height (Pixel) = 330x425, if you set bigger than this, users will need to use right click on pages and use "Zoom in" for better view. Here is a demo when you set 700*982(W*H). 

  2. The width will be double automatically when you select any file as Cross-page-setting front cover.

  3. The album's full page size is fixed size by 700x450 and the whole screen size is fixed size by 800x580.

  4. Available value of the width and the height is between ( 1~2048 pixel ), resizable by the scroll bar.

Visible - Auto run - Go target - Music - control - These items will be visible on the album at checked status.


Open auto run - You album will be auto flipping status firstly and auto reverse  when it is launched. If you unchecked this will not be flipped automatically, users usually set this on the web pages to show the effect, or people will not know it could be flipped.


Your logo or domain here, html is ok: -  This will change our domain name on pages at the bottom, it won't be enabled under freeware version, registered user can change this only. 


Automatic html -  Checked this will set all texts of the list below as "<align="left"><font face="Arial" size="12" color="#000000", you can turn it off and set your own texts with html format.


First open -  This will decide which is the first open page of the album. Available value: 1~9.


Flip speed -  Pages flipping speed of the album. Available value:1~9, 1 is the most fast.


Flip area -  Flip corner area of all pages. Available value: 1~300. 300 is the biggest.


Shadow -  1.It can show or hide the album's center shadow.


Back color  -  Change all page's background color of the album, it won't be appear if you select a full screen picture as the background image.


Animation effect  -  Show or hide the album's animation effect, 20 is the highest strength.


Folder - This will show when you select a webpage, you can select of folder if your web page has images in a folder.


Select icon - Select an icon file for the output  standalone .exe file.


Picture - Select a picture file for your album, you can select a gif or png format picture to be transparency the back ground color of the album.


mp3 - Select a mp3 music file for your album.


Flip mp3 - Select an mp3 file for flipping sound of the album.


Remove - Remove a selected item at the left text box.


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Add text to all images - Click on the text will be enlarged as table below:


Add Text - Add Text on images, the maximum is 34 words accepted.

Add file name - Add each picture's file name for each picture, so you can record pictures better.

Font - Popup dialog for selecting font name and font size.

DEFAULT_CHARSET - Select the font character set, if you can not add your national text well.

Italic -  Set italic text by checking this box.

Underline -  Set underline for text by checking this box.

Font Size-  Show the font size status you selected by Font button.

Font Color -  Click the button and select font's fore color.

Background -  Click the button and select font's back color, it works when the option box is checked.

Location -  Select text location on all pages in the album by clicking one of the 5 buttons.

JPEG Compress Quality -  Change the picture's default quality 90 into (1-99) if needed.

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Picture color effects


15 color effects -  The above effects are most regular picture editor's effects. Most people know these effects, so we won't describe too much here. We still did some tool tip when your mouse hover over these. Warning:  It will slow down your computer usage, when you select too many picture effects at the same time.


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General default setting

Default directory -  Your new album folders will built base at here.


Index page name - This will be your web album's web page file's name.


Background color - You can input here for customized color.


Zip standalone album file - Compress standalone album as a zip file when you create album.


Allow same folder - Allow a standalone album, a compressed album (zip file) and a web album saved in the same folder or allow overwrite old album files.


Tear off pages - Visitors can be or can not be tear off photo album's pages.


Replace page file's path - Replace page files path, you can change all web album's files' web space location . Before you changed the file's location is PageFile="pages/000.swf" after you changed the text box could be PageFile="http://www.photoet.com/pages/000.swf"  if you input "http://www.photoet.com/pages/ " in the text box. We set this feature for someone can set the absolutely web space location. This feature won’t affect Standalone .exe album.


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Cross page setting form

Cross page setting : 

Front Cover - Select a front cover file of the album.

Back Cover - Select a back cover file of the album.

Tip: The default setting is that you must select front cover firstly, it will do nothing if you leave front cover to be blank and select a back cover file, the system will add an alpha page file here if you leave it empty and selected a front cover. The cross page setting only works when you selected the front cover, or both of the front cover and back cover.


Remove - Remove a selected file.


Ok - Save setting of this form and exit.


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Set password - Set password for the .exe standalone album.


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Index page editor form


Index page editor - This will build a .swf flash file as an index file of your album, this will be easy to make your album even as a commercial catalog.


Picture - This will be the background picture of this index page file. As to the Index page editor's background color feature, users can change it by the advanced setting form's background color value also, if the background picture isn't selected.


Index content - 


Automatic html - This will set all texts of the list below as "<align="left"><font face="Arial" size="12" color="#ffffff" letterSpacing="0.000000", you can turn it off and set your own texts with html format.


Index - This will show at the top of the index page.

Maximum 43 words, html is ok. - Each line of the index page is allow maximum 43 words, html tags won't be show and included of the album. That is, you can use html format words here and make better effect.

Add - Add above "Maximum 43 words, html is ok" text into list box below, you can change the words on your own.

Tip: Each index page can have maximum 17 lines, top's "Index" words is included.

UP - Move up a selected item in the list box below.

DOWN - Move down a selected item in the list box below.

Remove  - Remove selected item in the list box below.

Remove all - Remove all items in the list box below.

Edit  -  Select a item at the below list box firstly then click this edit button for editing again. 

Target - This will edit the left content's target page number, for example: the left side of the list box is that " chapt 1 - the from fairest ....", if you set the target number as 4, readers will flip to the page 4 when click on this. 

Tip: The front cover is defined as page 1.


Add - Add left text box's number you typed into list box below

Tip: Each index page can have maximum 17 lines, top's "Index" words is included.

Remove  - Remove selected item in the list box below.

Remove all - Remove all items in the list box below.

UP - Move up a selected item in the list box below.

DOWN - Move down a selected item in the list box below.

Increment - This will automatically add target list box as : 

For example: The target add text box is 2 and the increment is 1 then you will get 3 in the target list when you add the first content. Next time, you add the second content at the left side list box,

you will get 4 in the target list. This is optional, if your target page number is rational.


Save as - Build and save as the index .swf flash page, the default name is index.swf, your can change it by yourself.


Open - Open the directory you just saved as the .swf file, it will visible when you built the file.


Ok - Save setting of this form and exit.


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Language editor form


Language editor -  Edit this program's all words by this form, some of the attached language files are translated by machine, you can edit them better by this form.

   Tip: If you need to load old version's language file, please follow below steps:

  1. Replace and overwrite the current language file in the language directory, for example, save your old version's translated spanish.txt file as the spanish.txt file. Note:All language files format have to save as utf-8.

  2. Make sure the program's all forms are in your language's interface, that is, you need to start this program in your language. So, the program will detect your language and do something for the next steps.

  3. Load the curlans.txt file in the language directory.

  4. Save as mylanguage.txt file in the program's language directory.

  5. Load the languages.txt file from the program's language directory.

   You can edit now after above 5 steps, the above 5 steps is designed for your older version's language file. You don't have to translate all words again, just need to translate new version's words.


Load - Load the language file.


Save - Save as a language file.


Apply - Apply below translated words to the current program now.

Total line - Show the total line's amount.

Replace - Replace the above selected item by the right text.

Paste - Paste text from the clipboard.

Automatically - Checked this will get the above selected item's word for translating.

Search - Search a keyword in the above list box..

Paste - Paste text from the clipboard.

Found times - Found times.

OK- Hide this form.

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Single animation file form

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Advanced setting : Single animation file form

The above two forms can make a single animation album, it will build only a .swf file as an album, picture's best fit size is Width x Height = 350x450 pixels.  The main form's web album contains some folders and files as a web album.

The .swf file can support picture pages only. We make it for some blog websites, which can be uploaded a single file as a web album only. The restriction is that only pictures can be the album's pages, not allow  swf, htm and html files to be the album's pages. All buttons can do the same work as the above Main form.

Note: This single animation album is based at the Flash 6.